Ballet Elit is a formation, created by professional ballet dancers, trained in the Classical Department of the National School of Dance Art – Sofia.

All participating dancers are also members of The Ballet Group at the National Music Theatre in Sofia. The Principal- Manageress of the formation "ELIT" – Tatyana Yaneva, graduated her Master degree as a Ballet pediatrition and directing at the State Musical Academy in Sofia. Her continuous professional development was influenced by her two years long participation with the Professional Group of Dancers at Europa – Park “Variety”, Germany, Rust – Baden.

Tatyana Yaneva National Music Theatre "Stefan Makedonski"

This prerequisites the high level of professionalism and outstanding quality of the stage performances of Elit – advanced dance techniques, passionate artistic performance, refined and elegant look and appearance, creative approach to selection of the repertoire, striking choreographic decisions.

The number of dancers of Ballet Elit ranges between 5 dancers (4 women and one man) up to 10 dancers (8 women and 2men) depending on the requirements for contracted repertoire. The dances are in various styles: modern and neoclassical choreography; characteristic; Russian-gypsy; Spanish; can-can; Charleston; variety entrance routines, etc. and could be part of Music Variety and Concert Programs.

Ballet Elit also offers a wide variety of dance programs including comprehensive show programs with harmoniously combined diverse routines, as well as stage dance performances as a stage background for a singer live shows.

The unique art character of the Ballet Formation „Elit“ , is contributed by the artistic experience and abilities of his director and choreographer, resulting in creating new choreography ideas, transforming them to realistic delivery of new dancing appearance in limited time frames, or to modifying the existing concepts, to meet the artistic requirements, satisfying any customer’s expectations

Over the three year period since it’s establishing, Ballet Elit has been awarded contracts for participating in numerous Bulgarian show clubs and music halls, and for two consequent years has been included in the music show program repertoire of the famous club ‘La Strada’ in Sofia, where the Principle – Manageress Tatyana Yaneva together with her team of dancers of Ballet Elit presents her fresh and innovative choreographic ideas.

The high-level performances of ballet Elit are invariably received with interest and high praise both by the audience, the critique as well as by its professional partners due to the proven high quality of the their artistic productions and the extremely responsible approach to the contracts won.

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